You may not get social media, but I bet you get donuts.

Do you understand Facebook but haven’t the foggiest idea about Tumblr? Let some donuts explain.

There are a lot of these “social media explained with…” graphics out there, but this one is my favorite. Well, it’s my second favorite. I saw a great one that explained social media channels with that most delicious of all savory foods — BACON — but sadly, it was a bit outdated. #nobaconforyou

The Google Plus reference in the graphic makes me giggle, because I don’t know anyone who uses G+ for anything except link-dropping (it helps with “Google juice” — aka, SEO). Apparently there are huge G+ communities out there, but I suspect they’re all secretly run by Google employees.

Any of these channels new or unfamiliar to you? Which are your favorites for work? For personal use?

Social media explained - with donuts

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