Here's what people are saying about J. Devine Creative...

"Jessica brings a lot to the table as a writer. First, and foremost, Jess can really write. She brings a level of detail few can offer while also staying highly creative and on-message. At the same time, Jess works diligently to embrace any brand she is involved with to be an immediate steward and proactive champion of the brand. Finally, she is always looking to learn more and extend her knowledge beyond just writing. She focuses on many areas of marketing interest from web and social media, to print and email work. It doesn't matter the level of work, Jessica is highly in tune to trends and project needs. When one works with Jessica they get a big-picture creative thinker and one hell of a writer."

-- Ken Volk, Senior Director of Creative + Brand, Kronos Incorporated, and Board Chair, In-House Agency Forum


"Jessica did the impossible: she made Poptropica relevant on social media. She met our users where they were, and thanks to her unique, energetic voice and keen sense of the zeitgeist, was able to revive interest in what had become a somewhat moribund brand. Our users really want her back. So do I!"

-- Mitch Krpata, Senior Story Developer and Narrative Designer, StoryArc Media, and author of the Poptropica book series


Jessica has the ability to come into a company she knows nothing about, learn all about it quickly, and then turn out great copy that gets results. She is definitely versatile — Jessica has written for three different industries for my clients and created everything from large-scale direct mail pieces to brochures to online ads. I definitely recommend her work!”

-- Julie Doane, Senior Manager of Global Media Campaigns, Games Industry, Akamai Technologies


"Jessica was hands down the best social media manager we've ever had. She took the time to understand our audience and develop a strategy that not only engaged, but helped us grow our brand to reach millions of kids across the globe. She's creative, organized, and extremely hard-working. We were sad to see her leave!"

-- Jeff Faulconer, Vice President, Product Development and Operations, StoryArc Media


"Jessica was great to work with, and did wonders transforming conversational babble into concise, SEO-friendly text for my website. I highly recommend her work."

-- Nancy Gould, Owner, Nancy Gould Photography


"Jessica is an excellent writer and social media manager. Through our blogs and social media channels, she was able to successfully embody the brands and characters we brought her on to represent. She took the time to fully understand our brands and goals, then was able to get things up and running independently. I valued the experience she brought with her, and I highly recommend her work."

-- Kimberly Lam Regan, Director of Marketing and Product Manager (2007-2016), StoryArc Media


"Jessica is an excellent writer. She is thorough and diligent in her writing, she is strong in her convictions and has a great attention to detail. She is an asset to any organization."

-- Leslie Reilly, Marketing Program Manager, Kronos Incorporated


"When Jessica served as Poptropica's community manager, she brought with her a wonderful dose of enthusiasm for all things Poptropica. Jessica (or "Skinny Moon," as she is known in Poptropica circles) was instrumental in establishing good rapport between Poptropica and its fans, which had been missing before she came along. It was clear that she cared a lot about the fans of the game, from bloggers with large audiences to casual commenters on a small chat server. Not only did Jessica take the time to respond to our pressing questions (of which there were many!), she also took initiative in creating connections on social media, and that made all the difference."

--"Slanted Fish," Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Poptropica Help Blog


"As community manager of Poptropica, Jessica was exemplary. She always made sure that every fan was connected to what was going on in Poptropica by holding frequent parties and activities. Jessica was very active and would promptly answer any questions the best she could. But of all the things she's done, I'm most thankful for her help in personally ensuring that a package sent by Poptropica would arrive for me."

-- "Slippery Raptor," Author, Poptropica Help Blog