Doing social media right can be tough. How can you get your message out there, grow your social channels, and effectively engage with people — when everyone else is trying to do the same thing? How can you stand out?

I’ve grown social media audiences from scratch, increased engagement by leaps and bounds, and created strong online presences for brands. And I can do the same for you when I…

  • Develop a social media strategy for your brand
  • Create, distribute, and curate engaging content that your audience wants to see
  • Engage with your fan base (and potential fans) in ways that keep the conversation going
  • Implement social media promotions that create leads, drive traffic, and generate buzz
  • Work with social influencers to amplify your message
  • Establish metrics to measure social media effectiveness

See some of my favorite examples of my social media work in my client successes, and check out my gallery for much more.

Ready to stop throwing things at the figurative social media wall and hoping they work? Let's get started!


"Jessica is an excellent writer and social media manager. Through our blogs and social media channels, she was able to successfully embody the brands and characters we brought her on to represent. She took the time to fully understand our brands and goals, then was able to get things up and running independently. I valued the experience she brought with her, and I highly recommend her work."

-- Kimberly Lam Regan, Director of Marketing and Product Manager (2007-2016), StoryArc Media

Time to get strategic about social!

Let's work together and develop a plan that will help you accomplish your goals.