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StoryArc Media website

  • Wrote copy for corporate website
  • Brands include Poptropica and Galactic Hot Dogs
  • Created under tight deadline for company launch
  • Check out the website here
Demandware NRF campaign
Demandware NRF campaign - trifold


Demandware NRF campaign

  • Created concept, dimensional mailer, emails, microsite, and bag-drop piece to promote Demandware's presence at the National Retail Federation "Big Show"
  • Successfully drove booth traffic and sales executive booth appointments
Availability for Dummies by Jessica Devine for Stratus Technologies
Availability for Dummies by Jessica Devine for Stratus Technologies 2


"For Dummies" eBook

  • Wrote 5 chapter, 22-page eBook for Stratus Technologies
  • Simplified a complex topic for IT professionals
  • Exceeded expectations for downloads
  • Download the eBook here
Kronos K-12 student success campaign


Kronos K-12 schools campaign

  • Goal: 75 webinar registrants, at least three marketing-qualified leads
  • Components: dimensional DM, postcard w/magnet DM, email, online ad
  • Results: 93 registrants, 43 MQLs, successful sales meetings
  • Three awards for creative excellence
Poptropica Creators' Blog
Poptropica blog post slide 1
Poptropica blog post slide 2
Poptropica blog post slide 3

Social media

Poptropica Creators' Blog

  • Wrote 100+ blogs posts as "Skinny Moon," Poptropica's social media & community manager
  • Posts included contests I created, game promotions/announcements, behind the scenes info, and much more
  • See all blog posts here
Poptropica Instagram
Poptropica Twitter
Poptropica Facebook
Poptropica Snapchat

Social Media

Poptropica accounts

#PoptropicaArt slide
Poptropica community engagement slide
#MyPoptropicaCostume slide
Poptropica community engagement slide 2

Community management


  • Grew and strengthened the online Poptropica gaming community through consistent engagement, fan blog outreach, contests, special promotions, beta-testing program, and more
  • Efforts increased buzz about product launches, pumped up social media fan engagement, and gave company valuable fan input that guided product development
Galactic Hot Dogs blog
Galactic Hot Dogs blog post 1
Galactic Hot Dogs blog post 2
Galactic Hot Dogs blog post 3

Social Media

Galactic Hot Dogs Blog

  • Started blog to support middle-grade book series and online game
  • Wrote 100+ blogs posts in the voice of Cosmoe, the main character
  • Posts included reading marathon series, book recommendations, humor
  • See all blog posts here
Galactic Hot Dogs on Instagram
Galactic Hot Dogs on Twitter
Galactic Hot Dogs on Facebook

Social Media

Galactic Hot Dogs accounts

  • Started accounts to support middle-grade book series, online game, and blog
  • Created, curated, posted content; interacted with fans
  • Generated buzz for launch of books
  • Accounts included Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
Private parenting support group slide

Community management

Facebook parenting group

  • Started private group in 2014 after parenting blog experienced huge growth
  • Private group focuses on parenting and mental health support
  • Community helps promote blog and gives ideas for content
#ThankaTeacher slide 1
#ThankaTeacher slide 2

Social Media

Thank a Teacher campaign

  • Under tight deadline, recruited and selected 20 bloggers to write blog posts and promote contest on social media
  • Handled all program logistics
  • Exceeded contest entry expectations