You might be on social media already with a Facebook page or an Instagram account. And maybe you’re pretty good at engaging your audience. But how do you turn that audience into an actual community that has a positive impact on your company?

Whether you’re just starting out on social media or you have an established audience, I can help you build an active online community that will contain some of your strongest brand advocates. I’ll work with you to…

  • Create a strategy to establish or build your online community
  • Leverage your social media presence to strengthen your community
  • Nurture an environment that allows community members to connect and build relationships
  • Identify and build relationships with your passionate super-fans
  • Develop programs and promotions that engage your community
  • Get valuable community input that can help guide your company's product development

Check out my client successes page for some of my favorite community management work.

A strong community with engaged members nurtures positive feelings toward your brand, provides a wealth of actionable information for you, and organically creates brand advocates who happily spread the word about your company.

Let’s get building, shall we?


"When Jessica served as Poptropica's community manager, she brought with her a wonderful dose of enthusiasm for all things Poptropica. Jessica (or "Skinny Moon," as she is known in Poptropica circles) was instrumental in establishing good rapport between Poptropica and its fans, which had been missing before she came along. It was clear that she cared a lot about the fans of the game, from bloggers with large audiences to casual commenters on a small chat server. Not only did Jessica take the time to respond to our pressing questions (of which there were many!), she also took initiative in creating connections on social media, and that made all the difference."

-"Slanted Fish," Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Poptropica Help Blog

Build a community that rocks.

Let’s talk about how we can make it happen together.